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What is Camp Creation?

A 3 day-weekend Christian camp held annually in the fall and designed for 4th -6th grade. Kids will explore the truth of God’s creation through hands-on science classes, cool crafts, x-treme games and recreation, vibrant worship and campfires under the stars all in a beautiful camp setting.Camp Creation

Truth Trek/Camp Creation Mission and Goals:

Our mission is to guide children to discover the truth of God’s creation using both
scripture and science in a fun, hands-on environment!

Truth Trek / Camp Creation will:

• Strengthen your child’s faith in the absolute truth of the Word of God.
• Lead your child to explore the abundant scientific evidence for divine creation.
• Help your child develop an appreciation for good solid science.
• Teach your child to evaluate everything they hear, see, and read against the standard of God’s Word.
• Help your child realize that people are uniquely created in the image of God for a divine purpose.
• Encourage your child to develop a personal relationship with their Creator-God.

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